2022 AGM Winners

Apr 01, 2023

Novice top 5 horses:

1. 31pts Apache Prince owned by Debbie Brown AND Best Competitive Trail Horse Lightweight division

2. 27pts Mozzie owned by Sawyer Brame AND Best Competitive Trail Horse Junior division

3. 26pts Kaluha&Brandy owned by Teresa Devine

4. 16pts Wildberry Bay owned by Charlene Price

5. 13pts Echo owned by Alyssa Cederstrand

 Intermediate top 5 horses:

1. 19pts Pokey owned by Chris Morrison

2.  13pts Moses owned by Maureen Henri

3. 13pts Memphis owned by Phil Henri

4. 13pts AD Gangez owned by Marlene Vanderwekken

5. 13pts Taiga owned by Laurie Janz

Open top 5 horses:

1. 27pts Ziggy owned by Kyleigh Semmens AND Provincial High Point Champion Horse

2.26pts WCF ThunderStruck owned by Daniella Harding  AND Provincial Grand Champion Horse

              AND Provincial Competitive Trail Horse Champion - Open Lightweight Division

3.21pts Taiga owned by Laurie Janz

4. 7pts Tanzen owned by Rishanne Pederson

5. 5pts Bliss owned by Jaiden Szyskowski



Family Award presented to Emilee Bradet, Steeve Bradet, Jesseca Johanson

Jack Plumbly award presented to Dave Bishop

Jr Rider recognition for Sawyer Brame and Emilee Bradet


Decade Team Award

Marlene Vanderwekken and AD Gangez


Horse Achievement Awards

500 miles

Dark Night (Ziggy)- Kyleigh Semmens

Texas- Tawny Wadden


Rider Achievement Awards

250 miles   Rishanne Pederson

500 miles  Shari Nielsen

                   Kyleigh Semmens

750 miles  Debbie Brown

1000 miles  Angie Pierce

1250 miles  Danniella Harding

2000 miles   Chris Morrison

                      Charlene Price

2500 miles Marlene Vanderwekken



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