Trail Riding in Alberta: enjoy the ride!

Any horse, any rider, any tack. While the saying might not be strictly true, competitive trail riding (CTR) is a sport that riders from any other discipline can enjoy. Competitive Trail Rides have been taking place in Alberta since the early 1970’s. A group of dedicated horsemen founded the society, Trail Riding Alberta Conference (TRAC) and set up the rules.  The rules resemble the conditions faced by early pioneers, whose horses traveled vast distances at the quickest pace possible and required enough stamina for the same effort tomorrow.

Rides are held in scenic areas that will provide the greatest challenge and enjoyment for horse and rider. There are three divisions: novice, intermediate and open. Riders are divided into three categories within each division: junior, lightweight and heavyweight.  The objective is not to be the first across the finish line, but to finish with your horse in as close to the condition as when starting the ride within a specified time period.

Whether you prefer to spend your time taking in the scenery of the trail or are partial to the competitive spirit of the sport, consider participating in Competitive Trail Riding. What a great opportunity to meet new friends that have a passion in which we all share – our horses.


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